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0.83 as a Fraction

0.83 as a Fraction


SOLUTION: how do you write 0.8...repeating as a fraction ...

SOLUTION: how do you write 0.8...repeating as a fraction or mixed number in simplest form?


Probability as a fraction or decimal fraction

Probability as a fraction or decimal fraction Maths worksheets from mathsblog.co.uk Page 2 . Answers . All decimals rounded to two decimal places.


How to Write 33% As a Fraction | eHow

Jun 07, 2011 · How to Write 33% As a Fraction. Writing 33 percent as a fraction requires a basic knowledge of fraction and percentage conversion. A fraction

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How to Write a Repeating Decimal As a Fraction | eHow

May 11, 2011 · How to Write a Repeating Decimal As a Fraction. A repeating decimal is a decimal that has a repeating pattern. A simple example is 0.33333.... where the ...

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Converting a fraction to a repeating decimal | Converting ...

Not sure what you mean but here is an example of converting a repeating decimal to a fraction: You have the repeating decimal: 0.123123123123... All you have to do is ...


How to Express fractions as decimals « Math

How to Express fractions as decimals. Looking for a guide on how to write a fractional number as a decimal? Learn how with this free video lesson.


Decimal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

1 Decimal notation. 1.1 Decimal fractions; 1.2 Other rational numbers; 1.3 Real numbers; 1.4 Non-uniqueness of decimal representation; 2 Decimal computation; 3 …


Convert .83 (the Three Is Repeating) To A Fraction & Show ...

Here's how to convert .83 to a fraction... There is not much that can be done to figure out how to write .83 as a fraction, except to literally use what the decimal ...

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How Do You Write 5/ 6 As A Percentage ? - Blurtit

You might also like... How Do You Write Each Decimal As A Fraction .56 And 1.23. Fractions. The two numbers can be written in fractional forms in the given manner.

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Rational Numbers - edHelper.com - Math, Reading ...

3. * This is a pre-made sheet. Use the link at the top of the page for a printable page.



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