I am using ADSL modm ip and router ...

Mar 09, 2010 · i am using ADSL modm ip and router i want to share my both pc resources on pc which n?

From:http://https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100309063956AAx0wDy for Modem, but what's for Router?

May 11, 2009 · Are your sure your Modem has an IP something like ? 192.168.x.x. are numbers assigned by ... I can access my adsl modem ( …


Modem Şifreleri,

ttnet huawei giriyorum yazıyor. kullanıcı adını admin şifrede admin yada kullanıcı adı admin şifre ttnet olmuyor. lütfen yardım


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From:http://en.softonic.com › Communication software › Email › Email Servers - Default Router IP Address - blogspot is a router default IP address. belongs to the IP address of the Class C network address, ... Thompson ADSL routers, Linksys SRW2024, ...


SLT ADSL ZTE Router Config | Resoflex Computer ...

Jan 18, 2010 · The Default IP address for the Router is Change the IP address of the computer to be in the same networkas the ADSL router. Relevant …


ADSL2 Gateway cannot connect to - Linksys ...

... ADSL2 Gateway cannot connect to 192.168.1. 1. Options. Mark as ... hi , would be nice if you could post more details....di u get any errors ?can u ping the ADSL ...

From:http://community.linksys.com › Modems and Gateways › Cable and DSL

How do I change administrative password on TP-LINK ADSL ...

[FAQ ID: 191] How do I change administrative password on TP-LINK ADSL router. Suitable for: ... The default IP address of TP-LINK ADSL router is

From:http://www.tp-link.com/en/article/?faqid=191 - Linksys Community

I am trying to access my router using and what is coming up is Live Search with a list of links to router support instead of allowing me to access my router.

From:http://community.linksys.com › … › Wired Routers The default password is: admin

Login into the router with The default password is: admin ... 3Com ADSL Wirelessllg FirewallAou. - Windows Internet Explorer 3com



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