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8Mm in Inches Fraction

8Mm in Inches Fraction


What fraction of an inch is 8mm? - Yahoo

Jan 16, 2013 · I am trying to measure a piece of jewelry. I have a piece that is 8mm long and want one like it. The only place I can order from uses inches. Please help me.


What 1 .8mm equals what fraction of an inch - The Q&A wiki

First convert 1.8 mm to inches. Since there are 25.4 mm in 1 inch, divide by 25.4: 1.8 / 2.54 = 0.070866 inches (although that's probably more significant figures ...

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8mm what in inches - Answers.com

8mm equals how many inches? 8 millimeters = ~0.315 inches Direct Conversion Formula 8 mm*1 in 25.4 mm=0.3149606299 in. How many 8mm beads in 16 inches?

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What is the fraction of a 8mm socket?

Mar 15, 2010 · the fractions are fractions of an inch mm means millimeters, the prefix milli- means 1/1000, so a millimeter is 1/1000 of a meter you can use the ...


Inch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

An inch (plural: inches ; abbreviation or symbol: in or ″ – a double prime) is a unit of length in the imperial and United States customary systems of measurement.


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Buy WoodRiver 29 Piece Fractional Inch Brad Point Drill ...

High carbon steel brad point drill bits in all the fractional sizes that you need presented in a durable indexed storage case True brad point on bits 1 8 (8mm ...

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Conversion Chart: Gauge, Inch, and Millimeter

Gauge or Fractional Inches: Decimal inches: Metric (mm) Circumference (Radius x 2π) aka (Diameter x π) 1" (64/64") 1.000" 25.40 mm: 3.142" (think π) 1.024"


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Fractional and Decimal Inch and Metric Conversion Tables

Concise tables of fractional and decimal inch and metric measurements useful in graphic design, printing, and publishing, arranged for quick conversion from any ...



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