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Allergic Reaction to Ultrasound Gel

Allergic Reaction to Ultrasound Gel


Is it possible to have an allergic reaction to the ...

I had to get an ultrasound done on the wednesday ... bumps on my stomach and abdomen and I think it may be an allergic reaction to the ultrasound gel.


Allergic Reaction to Ultrasound gel? - The Bump

Anyone else allergic to it? I called my triage nurse this morning because of the spotting I've been having the few days following an ultrasound.

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Can gel used for ultrasounds cause allergic reactions ...

ultrasound gel clearly CAN cause allergic reactions. as always, discuss evaluation and treatment with your physician, as you (LB) promptly did...


Allergic Reactions to ultrasound gel - They do happen ...

I am having an allergic reaction after having had a U/S using that gel. First my upper thigh broke out in itchy welts. Now it is on the back of both arms!


Could I be allergic to ultrasound gel? - GirlsAskGuys

Could I be allergic to ultrasound gel? I had an echocardiogram and by the time I got home I noticed pimples all over my chin and I've never in my life had pimples on ...


Pelvic (Ultrasound) Sonography safe? Is the Gel also safe ...

Great question!An ultrasound exam is a very safe way ... The ultrasound gel is considered a very safe product with almost no potential for an allergic reaction, ...



... one of the group of parabens that i am severely allergic to ... i had a severe angioedema reaction ... AQUASONIC 100 ULTRASOUND GEL: Type ...

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Parabens: Allergic Reactions - Medscape

The first case of delayed-type hypersensitivity reaction to parabens was described in ... from ultrasound gel ... allergic reaction to an intraurethral ...



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