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Ambassador Stevens Tortured Snopes

Ambassador Stevens Tortured Snopes

 Ads: American Ambassador in Libya Raped and Killed

Apr 02, 2014 · Origins: In September 2012, Chris Stevens, the American ambassador to Libya, and three other Americans were killed when a mob armed with machine guns …

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More disgusting, politically-motivated misinformation ...

More disgusting, politically-motivated misinformation about the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi


Clift: Ambassador Stevens Wasn't Murdered -- He Simply Died.

Liberal "pundit" Eleanor Clift says Amb. Stevens wasn't murdered; he died of smoke inhalation. Her liberal friends need to tell her how shameful she is.


Retired 4 star Admiral Blows Whistle on Benghazi new ...

Jan 17, 2013 · New Benghazi Evidence by Retired Admiral James Lyons will blow the lid off the the Investigation on the date of 4 Americans.


Hillary Clinton Exposed for Misleading Americans on Benghazi

So many people murdered,tortured,missing,DEAD! Hillary and Bill have a long list of “confidants who ended up missing and/or dead! I read that the list is at least ...


Irena Sendler vs. Al Gore and President Obama? That isn ...

The reason this post is here is because I received a chain letter story featuring Irena Sendler that seemed to be more of a way to discredit President Obama and ...


Jon Stewart Lambastes Fox News Over Benghazi Outrage Hypocrisy

The Daily Show proves archiving your selective memory will be used against you. Fox News is really angry yall but Jon Stewart points out that wouldnt …


Ye Olde Journalist

Former Clinton Administration Labor Secretary Robert Reich recently called on the government to force young people to spend two years either “serving” in the ...


Dr. Leonard

Cancer-Proof Your Diet. I have cancer. You do, too. But don’t panic. I’m not talking about the disease. Rather, I’m talking about the random cancer cells that ...



Nov 30, 2013 · NesaraNews the site for all the news not told in the centralized media, founded on truth and freedom, independent news for a independent people.



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