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Mar 22, 2012 · anechoic cyst - MedHelp's anechoic cyst Center for Information, Symptoms, Resources, Treatments and Tools for anechoic cyst. Find anechoic cyst


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Aug 16, 2006 · Anechoic means no echo or does not pick up the u/s waves. Usually means its fluid filled. Thin septation is is a thin wall seperating the area in question.


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An anechoic ovarian cyst is a fluid filled sac that is found on the ovaries. Most of the time they detach and expel during your menstrual cycle. However, there

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What is anechoic cyst of the breast -

What is anechoic nodule in the breast area? Anechoic is benign. Highly densed area are the ones malignant. Can a dermoid cyst be found in the breast?

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adjective (of a recording chamber, television studio, or the like) characterized by an unusually low degree of reverberation; echo-free. Origin: 1945–50; an- 1 ...


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anechoic /an·echo·ic/ (an-ĕ-ko´ik) 1. without echoes; said of a chamber for measuring the effects of sound. 2. sonolucent. anechoic [an′ekō′ik]


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anechoic Type: Term Pronunciation: an′ĕ-kō′ik. Definitions: 1. The property of being echo-free or appearing without echoes on a sonographic image; a cyst filled ...


Epididymal cyst | Radiology Reference Article ...

An epididymal cyst is the most common of epididymal masses.EpidemiologyThey have been reported in 20-40% of asymptomatic individuals 5.PathologyThey are usually of ...


urology RBH: Prostate Cyst and Prostate Polyp

A prostatic cyst is an area of focal dilatation that occurs within the prostate gland.


Fetal enteric duplication cyst | Radiology Reference ...

A fetal enteric duplication cyst is refers to an enteric duplication cyst presenting in utero.PathologyIt results from a abnormal recanalisation of the ...



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