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Chemo BSA Calculator

Chemo BSA Calculator


BSA Calculator: DuBois & DuBois Formula - Chemotherapy Advisor

A calculator for determining body surface area (BSA) using the DuBois & DuBois formula.


BSA Calculator: Haycock Formula - Chemotherapy Advisor

A calculator for determining body surface area (BSA) using the Haycock formula.


BSA Calculator from MedicineWorld.Org - Comprehensive ...

BSA calculator from Medicineworld.Org. Your gateway to medical information. Information for patients, resources for physicians.


STANDARD - The Chemocalculator Home Page

CONTACT WEBMASTER NOTES: is intended for use by medical professionals only. Its intended use is for those who are already familiar with the proper


BSA & BMI calculator - BC Children's

The body-surface area (BSA) is used in the dosing of certain medications, such as chemotherapy and glucocorticoids. It is a complex function of the height and weight.


How to calculate the dose of chemotherapy

Body surface area-dosing does not account for the complex processes of cytotoxic drug elimination. This leads to an unpredictable variation in effect.

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Body Surface Area BSA calculator medication doses - Halls MD

Calculates Body Surface Area, with advanced features such as automatic units conversion. The can be used for medication dose calculations.


Body surface area - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In physiology and medicine, the body surface area (BSA) is the measured or calculated surface area of a human body. For many clinical purposes BSA is a better ...


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How to Calculate Body Surface Area | eHow

Body surface area, BSA, is a measure of the total area of skin on the human body. BSA is used mainly by doctors, pharmacologists, and other clinicians when ...

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