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Chimp Vs. Gorilla


Gorilla vs Chimp at Philadelphia Zoo - YouTube

Gorilla vs. Gorilla - National Geographic Society

Gorilla vs. Gorilla - YouTube

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Jul 27, 2011 · Gorilla vs Chimpanzee It is always interesting to look at these primates because of their fascinating behaviours triggered by intelligence. Among all

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Chimpanzees, sometimes colloquially chimps, are two extant hominid species of apes in the genus Pan. The Congo River divides the native habitats of the two species ...


Chimpanzee Information: Gorilla Fact Sheet

Aug 27, 2009 · Gorilla Gorilla TAXONOMY. Suborder: Haplorrhini Infraorder: Simiiformes Superfamily: Hominoidea Family: Hominidae Genus: Gorilla


Gorilla Poaching - National Geographic Society

Gorilla Vs. Polar Bear | Who Would Win A Fight

The gorilla has a biteforce of 1300-1400 psi. You guys know how extreme that is? It is greater biteforce than that of a lion(600) and Tiger(1100).


Grizzly Bear vs Mountain Gorilla -

Bear facts Gorilla facts . up to 8'0" and 800 lbs up to 6'0'' 500 lbs. This is a good one.


Man Vs. Gorilla | Nat Geo Wild - National Geographic ...

Man Vs. Gorilla Related Content Featured Gallery. Lethal Weapons. Animals kill to survive using lethal weapons. Most fight tooth and claw, but a small group of elite ...



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