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Crops Grown in Jamaica

Crops Grown in Jamaica


What crops are grown in Jamaica? -

The main food crops, grown in Jamaica primarily by small farmers, are sweet potatoes and yams, rice, potatoes, manioc, tomatoes and beans. Sugar is the leading

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Jamaica Economy Crops - Flags, Maps, Economy, Section ...

Jamaica Economy, Crops - Flags, Maps, , Section, Economy, Natural Resources, Current Issues, International Agreements, Population, Social Statistics, Political ...


Roselle - Purdue University

True roselle is Hibiscus sabdariffa L. (family Malvaceae) and there are 2 main types. The more important economically is H. sabdariffa var. altissima Wester, an erect ...


Agriculture - Jamaica - import, export, crops

Jamaican agriculture accounts for about 6% of GDP, less than in most developing countries. Agriculture (together with forestry and fisheries) is the third ...

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Genetically modified food - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

For related content, see genetic engineering, genetically modified organism, genetically modified crops, and genetically modified food controversies.


Growing Scotch Bonnet pepper in Jamaica - Rural ...

Growing Scotch Bonnet pepper in Jamaica iii Scotch Bonnet pepper remains one of our competitive non-traditional export crops, providing significant foreign exchange.


Prevent Wilting In Your Medical Marijuana Crop

Almost every medical marijuana grower has, at some point in their growing career, experienced wilting. You don’t need a degree in plant biology to determine that ...


Growing Hemp as a Money-Making Crop - Sustainable Farming ...

As American manufacturers buy increasing amounts of hemp from Europeans, American farmers argue they are missing out on growing hemp as a money making crop.


Shade-grown coffee - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Shade-grown coffee is a form of the beverage produced from coffee plants grown under a canopy of trees. A canopy of assorted types of shade trees is created to ...


Papaya - Purdue University

The papaya, Carica papaya L., is a member of the small family Caricaceae allied to the Passifloraceae. As a dual- or multi-purpose, early-bearing, space-conserving ...



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