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Dysconjugate Gaze -- Medical Definition - MediLexicon

The definition information for dysconjugate gaze is provided by Stedman's. You can search our medical dictionary here. Stedman's, part of Lippincott Williams ...


Vergence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A vergence is the simultaneous movement of both eyes in opposite directions to obtain or maintain single binocular vision. When a creature with binocular vision looks ...


Gaze (physiology) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The term gaze is frequently used in physiology to describe coordinated motion of the eyes and neck. The lateral gaze is controlled by the paramedian pontine reticular ...


Conjugate gaze palsy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Conjugate gaze palsies are neurological disorders affecting the ability to move both eyes in the same direction. These palsies can affect gaze in a horizontal, upward ...


Polymicrogyria - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Polymicrogyria (PMG) is a developmental malformation of the human brain characterized by an excessive number of small convolutions on the surface of the brain.


disconjugate - definition of disconjugate by Medical ...

dis·con·ju·gate (dis-kon'jū-gāt), Not paired in action or joined together; the opposite of conjugate. See: disconjugate movement of eyes. [L. dis-, apart ...


conjugate gaze - definition of conjugate gaze by Medical ...

con·ju·gate gaze. movement of both eyes with the visual axes parallel.


Vertigo - Emergency Medicine at NCEMI: emergency medicine ...

Presentation This may be a nonspecific complaint which must be refined further into either an altered somatic sensation (giddiness, wooziness); orthostatic blood ...


The Extraocular Muscles - TedMontgomery.com: a Varied and ...

The extraocular or extrinsic eye muscles, considering their relatively small size, are incredibly strong and efficient. There are the six extraocular muscles, which ...


Anxiety Can Make You See Spots! « Calm Clinic

Seeing Spots = Anxiety? Anxiety can change your visual field, and cause a host of different symptoms that can cause even more stress. Take my free 7 minute anxiety ...



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