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Uterine Fibroid Myths - The Well-Timed Period

Jun 15, 20200007 · Five uterine fibroids myths, from a presentation at the meeting of the Obstetrical and Gynecological Assembly of Southern California. [For more on myomas ...


Implanon - The Well-Timed Period - blogspot.com

Sep 16, 2005 · Here's a very good primer on the single-rod implant, Implanon. You never know; any time now the FDA might just decide to flip a coin and approve it for use ...


Economist's View: 'The Multiplier is at Least Two'

Nov 26, 2012 · For infrastructure spending, in particular spending on roads and highways, Sylvain Leduc and Daniel Wilson "find that the multiplier is at least two":


Economist's View: John Kenneth Galbraith's Contributions ...

Apr 30, 2006 · The Conventional Wisdom. Galbraith is a critic of the neoclassical "conventional wisdom": a set of ideas that is familiar to all, widely accepted, but no ...


Hyperthermia versus Oncothermia: Cellular Effects in ...

Hyperthermia means overheating of the living object completely or partly. Hyperthermia, the procedure of raising the temperature of a part of or the whole body …


Rethinking Cultural Depth | orgtheory.net

Jan 06, 2013 · The issue of whether some culture is “deep” versus “shallow” has been a thorny one in social theory. The basic argument is that for some piece of ...


ECONJEFF - blogspot.com

A long pondered but only lately realized blog about economics, politics, evaluation, econometrics, Ann Arbor, academia, college football and whatever else comes to mind.


why blacks spend more time in jail | orgtheory.net

Jan 24, 2012 · Via OrgTheory, a study finds that the more severe penalties faced by blacks arrested for the same charge and with the same criminal history is almost ...



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