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Example of Apostrophe Sentence

Example of Apostrophe Sentence


Use apostrophe in a sentence | apostrophe sentence examples

How to use apostrophe in a sentence. Example sentences with the word apostrophe. apostrophe example sentences.


apostrophe (figure of speech) - definition and examples

Apostrophe is a rhetorical term for breaking off discourse to address some absent person or thing.

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Examples of Apostrophe Figure of speech - Answers.com

What is apostrophe as a figure of speech? This is when a character or narrator talks to something that cannot reply, such as an object. A famous example would be when ...

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Sentences Definition and Examples in English Grammar

A sentence is the largest independent unit of grammar: it begins with a capital letter and ends with a period, question mark, or exclamation point.

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Apostrophes Examples - Figures Of Speech - List Of Figures ...

Apostrophe, here, is not the punctuation that we are all familiar with; it is that lesser known figure of speech that we read and use many-a-times, only we don't know ...


Apostrophe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The apostrophe (’, although often rendered as '), is a punctuation mark, and sometimes a diacritical mark, in languages that use the Latin alphabet or certain other ...


How to Use Apostrophes (with Examples) - wikiHow

How to Use Apostrophes. The apostrophe is used for two reasons: to show that certain letters in a contraction are missing, and to indicate ownership — that ...

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More Punctuation - Towson University

NOTE: Do not use an apostrophe to form the possessive case of the personal possessive pronoun its. Example Do use an ...


Apostrophe: Use, Examples & Quiz | Education Portal

Learn about the apostrophe and how it's useful to us. See a few examples of common apostrophe mistakes, and learn how to correct them. Read the...


Apostrophe - Examples Help

Examples Help! Apostrophe! Visit this free resource for definitions and examples of Apostrophe. Definition, example and information about Apostrophe.



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