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Example of Imperative

Example of Imperative


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An imperative sentence gives advice or instructions or expresses a request or command. Read these examples of imperative sentences.

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What is an example of an imperative sentence - Answers.com

(An imperative sentence makes a command, request, or suggestion - the understood subject is "you", as in "you should" or "you must." They may or may not end in an ...

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Imperative Mood Definition and Examples in English - About

Imperative mood is the form of the verb that makes direct commands and requests.

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Imperative | English Grammar

We use imperative verb to give orders, commands, warnings or just instructions. Let's learn more about tree moods: indicative, imperative and subjunctive; with these ...

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What Is the Imperative Mood? (grammar lesson)

The imperative mood is a verb form which makes a command or a request. For example: Empty the bin, John. (This is a verb in the imperative mood.) John …


What Is an Imperative Sentence? (grammar lesson)

What is an imperative sentence? Examples of imperative sentences. See the definition of Imperative Sentence in Grammar Monster's list of grammar terms …


Learn About Imperative Sentences Now - Explains and ...

Learn About Imperative Sentences Now - explains this sentence type, including imperative verbs and subject examples


What is an example of a categorical imperative - Answers.com

Immanuel Kant's Categorical Imperative is generally summarized as the principle that if a moral rule applies to someone, then it applies to everyone.

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