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Excel VBA Declare Constant

Excel VBA Declare Constant


Declare a constant for VBA array - Excel Templates - OzGrid

Hello, This is my first post on this forum. I have only been using vba for a couple of weeks now. My problem is this: I'm trying to declare a const variable with ...


VBA : Declare a cell range as a value for a Constant

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VBA: Declare a cell range as a value for a Constant. This is a discussion on VBA: Declare a cell range as a value for a Constant within the Excel Questions forums ...

VBA Variables and Constants - Excel Functions

Excel VBA Tutorial Part 2 - VBA Variables and Constants


excel vba - How do I declare a global variable in VBA ...

I wrote the following code: Function find_results_idle() Public iRaw As Integer Public iColumn As Integer iRaw = 1 iColumn = 1 And I get the error ...


Set Public Variables/Constants for Excel VBA - Microsoft ...

Okay... this is the "Dumb-Question-Of-The-Year" moment that I just have to pose no matter how newbie it seems... Within Excel 2007 VBA, I am trying to set ...


Excel VBA Introduction Part 26 - Constants and ...

Declaring Constant Arrays? - Excel Seminars

Hello Can I declare a constant array in VBA ? What I would like to do is set up a constant which contains the number of days in each month (ignoring

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excel vba - How to declare global variable to access other ...

I have browse button variable and coding inside the browse button event. Now I have to access those variable in another button event. How to declare that in vba ?


How do I declare a public array variable in Excel VBA

Hi, I am trying to declare a public variable array in Excel VBA as follows : Public Qty(10) As String .....but when I reference the array in my Sub it returns the ...

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Excel Array Constants and VBA array - OzGrid

Let us say I have array constant in a1 as follows: {1;2;3;4;5} And suppose I want to store the above in an array using VBA...so dim my_Array() as integer


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