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FEMA Buying Guillotines

FEMA Buying Guillotines


snopes.com: U.S. Government Purchases 30,000 Guillotines

Jun 20, 2013 · Origins: An item about the U.S. government's supposedly having purchased 30,000 guillotines after receiving

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Why Does the Government Need Guillotines? - Dave Hodges ...

The 64 million dollar question is who is the government planning to use these guillotines on? Perhaps the following scripture from Revelations speaks to this point.


Did the U.S. Government Purchase 30,000 Guillotines? No.

Jun 21, 2013 · Q: Why did the U.S. government recently purchase 30,000 guillotines? A: It didn't. You've been hoaxed. A June 19, 2013 article claiming the feds recently ...

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FEMA Camps And Guillotines Exposed, page 1

FEMA CAMPS AND GUILLOTINES EXPOSED FEMA Guillotines and Death Camps FEMA Camp Locations I just got through watching this video. It shows a "MODERN GUILLOTINE



Why Are Modern Guillotines on Military Bases in America ...

Why Are Modern Guillotines on Military Bases in America? [Editor's Note: There is no doubt in my mind that guillotines are being stored on selected military bases in ...


UN/FEMA Prisoner Boxcars With Shackles, Guillotines, And ...

Feb 17, 2009 · UN/FEMA Prisoner Boxcars With Shackles, Guillotines, And the NWO AGENDA for "AMERIKA"NO LONGER Considered "URBAN LEGEND" The FEMA


Why Did the U.S. Government Recently Purchase 30,000 ...

Jun 20, 2013 · Why Did the U.S. Government Recently Purchase 30,000 Guillotines? Thursday ... The Federal Emergency Management Agency has broad powers in …

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FEMA Ordered 102,000 Boxcars With Shackles | Alternative

Oct 19, 2012 · FEMA ORDERED 102,000 Boxcars With Shackles! ... CHINESE prisoner boxcars with shackles and modern guillotines, ... about the DHS buying all these ...

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