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Grammar Possessive Two People

Grammar Possessive Two People


Possessive Nouns - Grammar-Quizzes: Practices and ...

Contrast possessive forms for singular and plural personal nouns; compare to inanimate nouns, days and holidays, numbers and letters; note boss's and Charles's.

Grammar Girl : Possessives :: Quick and Dirty Tips

Despite the name, possessives aren’t just for possession. The older name for possessives was the genititve case, and in many ways, that was more meaningful. …


The possessive in English - Essential English grammar

Possessive structures in English - use of of and 's "Should I use "of" or an "s" structure?" Sadly there's no absolute rule to tell you whether you need to use ...


possessives: pronouns - English Grammar | LearnEnglish ...

Can you match these possessive pronouns to the right personal pronouns and possessive adjectives? yours, mine, theirs, ours, hers, his, its


The Grammar Logs -- Number Five Hundred Forty-Two

Question: I read through your information on compound possessives, but I need more information on two possessive nouns separated by "or." Which choice would be ...


How to make the word PEOPLE possessive - Simplify, Live, Love

How to make the word PEOPLE possessive #BB100 ... I always enjoy your grammar lessons. Child/children would pose the same situation, I guess.


What Is the Possessive Case? (grammar lesson)

What is the Possessive Case? See examples of the Possessive Case. See the definition of Possessive Case in Grammar Monster's list of grammar terms and definitions.


English Grammar Rules for Possessives | eHow

English Grammar Rules for Possessives. In the English language, possessives show ownership. Some possessives use apostrophes while others do not. While it is easy …

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Grammar Girl : Double Possessives :: Quick and Dirty Tips

Get Grammar Girl's take on double possessives. Learn whether it is over okay to use two possessives, like "of" and an apostrophe, in one sentence.


possessives: nouns - English Grammar | LearnEnglish ...

We use a noun with ’s with a singular noun to show possession: We are having a party at John’s house. Michael drove his friend’s car. We use s’ with a plural ...



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