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How to Check Fundus

How to Check Fundus


How to Measure Fundal Height (with Illustrations) › … › Family Life › Parenting › Development Stages

How to Measure Fundal Height. When a woman is pregnant, one of the ways she and her doctor check whether the pregnancy is progressing normally is to determine the ...

Bellies and Babies: Dilation - How To Check Without Checking

Jul 07, 2011 · Recently I have noticed a few blogs writing about dilation and it's benefits, as well as how to do it in other ways besides simple vaginal exams.


How to Use an Ophthalmoscope | eHow

How to Use an Ophthalmoscope. A direct ophthalmoscope is a medical instrument that allows the user to view the inside of a patient's eye (also known as the fundus).

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How to Detect Early Warning Signs of Sinus Cancer | eHow

It's always best to find and diagnose cancer in its earliest stages and the same holds true for sinus cancer. Know the early warning signs of sinus cancer to detect ...

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Glaucoma - Southland Eye Clinic

Information about glaucoma, primary open angle glaucoma,ocular hypertension, POAG, GDX and visual field tests.


Fundus Photography Overview - Ophthalmic Photographers ...

Fundus Photography Overview. Excerpted from: Ophthalmic Photography: Retinal Photography, Angiography, and Electronic Imaging, 2 nd Edition Patrick J. Saine and ...


The Eyes Have It: Optic Fundus Signs - University of Michigan

These yellow-white spots are called cotton wool spots. They are caused by retinal nerve fiber layer microinfarcts. Exploded retinal ganglion cell axons extrude their ...


Blonde fundus - Right Eyes

Our retinal appearance varies so much that we've given names to those normal appearances one of which is called blonde fundus.


Fundal Height | Health & Safety | Baby, Pregnancy, and ...

What exactly is your fundal height, why is it important and how does your doctor or midwife measure it? Many first time moms hear this phrase and wonder what it


Pushing - from Ronnie Falcão's Midwife Archives

Pushing Techniques: Laboring down, pushing effectively and the best positions to use during the pushing stage from



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