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Hypoechoic Mass On Ovary

Hypoechoic Mass On Ovary


What is a hypoechoic mass on an ovary - WebAnswers.com

What is a hypoechoic mass on an ovary - What is the difference in a cyst and a mass

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what is complex hypoechoic mass in left ovary mean ...

Jan 08, 2005 · This patient support community is for discussions relating to ovarian cancer, biopsy, chemotherapy, clinical trials, genetics, hysterectomy, immunotherapy ...


hypoechoic mass found on ultrasound - Radiology ...

May 27, 2008 · Dr., I have a few more questions. What is the difference between a hypoechoic mass and a hyperechoic mass? Does one usually indicate a more solid …


What Is a Hypoechoic Mass? - wiseGEEK

Mar 14, 2014 · A hypoechoic breast mass may be benign, as in the case of a non-cancerous tumor called a fibroadenoma. This appears on an ultrasound scan as a hypoechoic ...


What Is a Hypoechoic Mass - Ask.com

A hypoechoic mass is a lamp that appears relatively dark on an ultrasound scan. It usually reflects fewer ultrasound waves and its findings vary depending on the

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Ask an Expert: Hypoechoic mass of the uterus

question: ultrasound results showed i have a hypoechoic mass measuring 5.8 cm found in the anterior uterus consistant with a leiomyoma. my right ovary measures: l=13 ...


What is a heterogeneous hypoechoic mass lesion - The Q&A wiki

The hypoechoic mass lesion refers to the abnormal area in the body that can be seen on an ultrasound.

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Pelvic ultrasound showed hypoechoic mass in the fundus of ...

Question - Pelvic ultrasound showed hypoechoic mass in the fundus of the uterus. Chances of having cancerous tumor? . Ask a Doctor about diagnosis, treatment and ...

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What Is a Lesion on the Ovary - Ask.com

Hypoechoic lesion is an anomalous area on the ovary that can be noticed through an ultrasound examination. A hypoechoic lesion can also develop on any area of ...

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Ultrasound image gallery - ultrasound-images.com

The above ultrasound images show what appears to be right renal lower pole mass (image in top row left). But further ultrasound imaging of the liver shows it to be an ...



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