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Indefinite Pronouns Examples

Indefinite Pronouns Examples


Indefinite Pronouns - List, Definition, Examples

As the name suggests indefinite pronouns are pronouns that are not definite in meaning. In other words they are not specific in which noun they replace.


Indefinite Pronoun - Definition and Examples

Indefinite Pronouns Ending in -body and -one - "The positive indefinite pronouns that end in -body are largely interchangeable with those that end in -one, although ...

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An indefinite pronoun is a pronoun that refers to non-specific beings, objects, or places. Indefinite pronouns can represent either count nouns or noncount nouns and ...

What Are Indefinite Pronouns? (grammar lesson)

What are indefinite pronouns? See the definition of Indefinite Pronoun in Grammar Monster's list of grammar terms and definitions.


Pronouns: Indefinite - The Tongue Untied

Indefinite pronouns refer to an unknown or undetermined person, place or thing. Care must be taken to identify whether the pronoun is singular or plural to ensure the ...


Sentence Agreement: Indefinite Pronouns - Infoplease

Indefinite pronouns, like collective nouns, can be singular or plural, depending on how they are used in a sentence. Singular indefinite pronouns take a singular verb ...


Using Indefinite Pronouns - English Plus

Using Indefinite Pronouns Indefinite pronouns are words which replace nouns without specifying which noun they replace. Singular: another, anybody, anyone, anything ...


Pronoun - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In linguistics and grammar, a pronoun is a word that substitutes for a noun or noun phrase. It is a particular case of a pro-form. Pronouns have traditionally been ...


Pronouns - CommNet

When a pronoun and a noun are combined (which will happen with the plural first- and second-person pronouns), choose the case of the pronoun that would be appropriate ...


French Indefinite Pronouns - Pronoms indéfinis

French indefinite pronouns, sometimes called affirmative indefinite pronouns, are unspecific and are used in place of nouns. Learn all about French indefinite ...

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