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JavaScript Strip Carriage Return

JavaScript Strip Carriage Return


Remove carriage return in Unix - Stack Overflow

What is the simplest way to remove all the carriage returns \r from a file in Unix?


vba - Excel: how do I remove all carriage returns from a ...

I want to get rid of all the carriage returns in my cell. How do I do this?


How to Convert HTML to Plain Text in Javascript | eHow

Return the value held by your temporary string using a "return" statement. This will return the plain text value of your converted HTML.

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Using the DIV Tag Effectively - Carriage Return

How to Prevent the Carriage Return Before and After DIV Tags Using the DIV Tag Effectively

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Home - Horse N' Carriage Restaurant

Welcome to the Horse N' Carriage Restaurant. 210 Dedham Street, Norfolk. Enjoy delicious seafood, steaks, and more in a relaxed, casual setting. We're a family-owned ...


JavaScript in one page : JavaScript.SU

When you set a variable identifier by assignment outside of a function, it is called a global variable, because it is available everywhere in the current document.


Replace Carriage Return and Line Feed in Notepad++ - Super ...

I have a file with a mix of CRLF and LF, and wish to remove the LF. I am new to Notepad++ and just downloaded V6.23. I'm using the search/replace dialogue box in ...


NimbleUser: Removing Carriage Return Characters in Address ...

The Full_Address fields in iMIS are calculated fields that contain carriage return character. This causes the address to be properly formatted in various iMIS reports:


You're just another carriage return line feed in the wall ...

Scott Hanselman on Programming, User Experience, The Zen of Computers and Life in General


MetaDeveloper -

It may be easy to miss amidst all the hoopla around Windows 8 but the Norwegian Developers Conference just released all their session vidoes on the site.



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