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JavaScript Strip Carriage Return

JavaScript Strip Carriage Return


Remove carriage return in Unix - Stack Overflow

What is the simplest way to remove all the carriage returns \r from a file in Unix?


vba - Excel: how do I remove all carriage returns from a ...

I want to get rid of all the carriage returns in my cell. How do I do this?


How to Convert HTML to Plain Text in Javascript | eHow

How to Convert HTML to Plain Text in Javascript. One of the more useful things you can do with the JavaScript scripting language is manipulate and work with the ...

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Vim: show line feeds & carriage-return - Super User

How can I display line feeds and/or carriage-return characters in vi/vim? I know that set list shows all the whitespace characters (?), it also replaces tabs \t etc ...


Using the DIV Tag Effectively - Carriage Return

How to Prevent the Carriage Return Before and After DIV Tags Using the DIV Tag Effectively

From: › … › Web Design/HTML Articles H

Replace Carriage Return and Line Feed in Notepad++ - Super ...

I have a file with a mix of CRLF and LF, and wish to remove the LF. I am new to Notepad++ and just downloaded V6.23. I'm using the search/replace dialogue box in ...


JavaScript in one page : JavaScript.SU

When you set a variable identifier by assignment outside of a function, it is called a global variable, because it is available everywhere in the current document.


You're just another carriage return line feed in the wall ...

Scott Hanselman on Programming, User Experience, The Zen of Computers and Life in General


Carriage House Chandelier | Large Chandelier | Dark Bronze ...

Ideal in an entry or dining area, this large chandelier has a distinctive square cage and twisted post design reminiscent of a late 18th century carriage lamp.


About this Documentation Node.js v0.10.32 Manual ...

About this Documentation # The goal of this documentation is to comprehensively explain the Node.js API, both from a reference as well as a conceptual point of view.



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