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JavaScript Strip Carriage Return

JavaScript Strip Carriage Return


javascript - How can I insert new line/carriage returns ...

As silly as it may sound, I still haven't found an appropriate answer. Let's say I want to dynamically create a new DOM element and fill up its textContent/innerText ...


Remove carriage return in Unix - Stack Overflow

What is the simplest way to remove all the carriage returns \r from a file in Unix?


How to Convert HTML to Plain Text in Javascript | eHow

How to Convert HTML to Plain Text in Javascript. One of the more useful things you can do with the JavaScript scripting language is manipulate and work with the ...

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Using the DIV Tag Effectively - Carriage Return

The DIV element is a block-level element. Among other things, this means that most browsers will display DIV elements with a carriage return before and after the ...

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Replace Carriage Return and Line Feed in Notepad++ - Super ...

I have a file with a mix of CRLF and LF, and wish to remove the LF. I am new to Notepad++ and just downloaded V6.23. I'm using the search/replace dialogue box in ...


JavaScript in one page : JavaScript.SU

When you set a variable identifier by assignment outside of a function, it is called a global variable, because it is available everywhere in the current document.


You're just another carriage return line feed in the wall ...

Scott Hanselman on Programming, User Experience, The Zen of Computers and Life in General


Typewriter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A typewriter is a mechanical or electromechanical machine for writing in characters similar to those produced by printer's movable type by means of keyboard-operated ...


Frey Carriage Co. fills demand for horse-drawn carriages

Todd Frey, whose company builds and sells new horse buggies and restores old horse-drawn carts and sleighs, can rightly say his business capitalizes on the original ...



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