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KIXEYE Battle Pirates Base Design

KIXEYE Battle Pirates Base Design


Guide to Defense Strategy in Battle Pirates: Base Layout Tips

In Facebook game Battle Pirates, the layout of your base is crucial to how well you can defend against enemy attackers. Learn what buildings are important to protect ...

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Battle Pirates is an online Massively Multiplayer Real Time Strategy (MMORTS) game on Facebook by Kixeye, released May 2, 2011. There are many similar games on ...

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Battle Pirates Kixeye forum. Moderated by Fans of the game. Base Design, Fleet Builds, Base Design and Strategy Discussion.


Battle Pirates Base Design Tutorial - YouTube

Greetings Captains, What questions do you have this month about Battle Pirates? Feel free to ask below! At the end of the month, KIXEYE CM Robot and the Moderation ...


Base Design - Battle Pirates Strategy Guide Tips Base ...

Complete Battle Pirates Kixeye Website. Tip's, Advice, Strategy. Base Design, Outpost Level Land Layout Plan. Message Forum, Game Discussion


Battle Pirates | New base | Best base design? - YouTube

Base Design, Land Layout, Turret Placement for Battle Pirates

Complete Base Design Layout Guide for Players of all Levels in Browser Game Battle Pirates, covering every Level Outpost, Turret, Patrol Fleet Placement.


Medjik Battle Pirates Tips: Base Layout

Oct 10, 2012 · How to be strong in Kixeye Battle Pirates game, even if you are not a coiner. Tips & tricks. Base layouts and how to defend.


Buildings - Battle Pirates Wiki

Buildings may be built on landfill (or water in the case of oil platforms, the shipyard , dock...



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