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List of Gerund Phrases

List of Gerund Phrases


Verb Lists: Infinitives and Gerunds - Commnet

Verbs Followed by a Gerund They enjoyed working on the boat. admit advise appreciate avoid can't help complete consider: delay deny detest dislike enjoy escape

The Garden of Phrases - Commnet

Absolute Phrases || Appositive Phrases || Gerund Phrases || Infinitive Phrases || Noun Phrases || Participial Phrases || Prepositional Phrases. A phrase is a group of ...


Purdue OWL: Gerunds, Participles, and Infinitives

A gerund is a verbal that ends in -ing and functions as a noun. The term verbal indicates that a gerund, like the other two kinds of verbals, is based on a verb and ...

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Gerund, gerunds, using gerunds, and the difference between ...

Quiz time Directions: Read the sentences. Make a gerund or gerund phrase from the first sentence. Put that gerund in the second sentence.


What Is a Gerund Phrase? (grammar lesson)

What is a gerund phrase? See examples of gerund phrases. See the definition of Gerund Phrase in Grammar Monster's list of grammar terms and definitions.


LEO: Phrase Formulas - St. Cloud State University

Becoming a Wimbledon finalist was Patrick Rafter's only thought as he competed against Andre Agassi during a semifinal match. gerund phrase = subject


Gerunds -

Gerunds are defined as the -ing form of a verb. They have several functions. 1. Used as subjects and complements. Skiing is my favorite sport. Hiking can be very ...


4 Types of Gerunds and Gerund Phrases - Daily Writing Tips

A gerund is one of three classes of words called verbals — words based on verbs and expressing an action or a state of being but serving another grammatical function.


Gerund Phrase,Infinitive Phrases,Exercise,Definition,Use ...

Some verbs can be followed by an infinitive, a gerund or both. If both are possible, then there is usually a difference in meaning. Here is a list of some of these verbs


Gerund after special phrases - English Grammar

We use the Gerund after the following phrases: to be busy: He is busy reading the paper. couldn't help: She couldn't help eating another apple. don't mind

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