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NYPD 16th Precinct

NYPD 16th Precinct


NYPD - Contact Information - New York City

1st Precinct (212) 334-0611: 16 Ericsson Place: 5th Precinct (212) 334-0711: 19 Elizabeth Street: 6th Precinct (212) 741-4811: 233 West 10 Street: 7th Precinct


NYPD - Precincts - New York City

Profile Deputy Inspector Michael Deddo Crime Statistics 5822 16th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11204-2111 (718) 851-5611 The 66th Precinct is located in the Boro Park ...


"the house" - Manhattan South - POLICE NY Home page ...

old NYPD precinct precincts station house houses ... Manhattan South precinct map- pre-1950's (click map for larger image)


New York City Aux Police List - QSL.net

The NYPD Auxiliary Police Program is the nation’s largest and finest volunteer crime prevention program. Over 4,000 dedicated men and women contribute ...


Investigation - Associated Press

Since August, AP has been publishing stories from its ongoing investigation into secret intelligence operations set up by the New York Police Department following the ...


NYPD Fallen Heroes | NYPD Police Memorial

Honoring NYPD fallen heroes, who made the ultimate sacrifice. Let Them Not Be Forgotten NYPD Police memorial.


History New York City Police Department | NYPD Police Memorial

Honoring NYPD fallen heroes, who made the ultimate sacrifice. Let Them Not Be Forgotten Information on the history of the New York City Police Department.


POLICE NY Highway Yearboy - 1979

Highway Yearbook - 1979 Ed Bauer is a 23 year veteran of the NYPD who served in the old 16th Precinct (now Midtown South) from 1959 to 1963, Motorcycle Precinct 4 ...


NYPD Angel: Rodney Andrews - NYPD Angels from 1849-Present

I worked with Jay Andrews back in 2000 in MNTF when our unit was conducting an undercover fencing operation.He was a very brave and hard working cop, who never ...


NYPD Angel

My name is Sean McDonald, the son of Sean Mcdonald. I am now 14 yrs old, and I now attend Cherokee High School in NJ. I love to play sports, and i love to sit down ...



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