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Objective Complement Exercises

Objective Complement Exercises


Subject and object complements exercise - English Grammar

Identify the verb, subject complement, direct object, indirect object and object complement in the following sentences. 1. George is the captain.


Object complement - English Grammar

Study the sentence given below. Does it make complete sense? They elected Martin. While this sentence has a subject, a verb and an object, it does not make complete ...


Object Complements - ESLGold.com

Object complements may follow certain verbs in English. Sentences with object complements follow the pattern: S + V + O + Complement. Object complements


complement (grammar) - Subject Complements and Object ...

See also: Practice in Identifying Subject and Object Complements; Commonly Confused Words: Complement and Compliment; Complement Clause; Extraposition

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More on Subject and Object Complements - English Practice ...

Subject Complement Read the sentences given below: The birds fly. The wind blows. The moon shines. Here the verbs fly, blows and shines are


Practice in Identifying Subject and Object Complements ...

Here are the answers to the exercise in identifying subject and object complements.

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ChompChomp Grammar Bytes: The Direct Object

The Direct Object Recognize a direct object when you see one. A direct object will follow a transitive verb [a type of action verb]. Direct objects can be nouns, ...


English Exercises: OBJECT PRONOUNS

pronouns exercise. object pronouns: read and choose ... personal pronouns (subject-object)- possesives (adjectives and pronouns) - reflexive pronouns (b&w version ...


Object Pronouns - Spanish Practice (Enrique Yepes, Bowdoin)

Interactive Spanish Grammar Exercises. Feedback provided. ... Spanish object pronouns are placed differently according to the verb form with which they are.


Object forms of personal pronouns - Exercise

Personal pronouns and the object forms, me, you, him, her, us, them - English Grammar Exercises Online

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