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Objective Complement Exercises

Objective Complement Exercises


Direct Objects, Indirect Objects, Objective Complements ...


SUPPLEMENTARY HANDOUT -- DIRECT AND INDIRECT OBJECTS AND SUBJECT COMPLEMENTS page 3 of 5 Subject complements. A subject complement is a …

Subject and Object Complements - English Grammar

The complement of an intransitive verb always says something about the subject and is therefore called subject complement. Alice is beautiful. (Here the complement ...


Identifying Subject & Object Complements Practice

This exercise will give you practice in identifying subject complements and object complements in sentences.

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More on Subject and Object Complements - English Practice ...

Subject Complement Read the sentences given below: The birds fly. The wind blows. The moon shines. Here the verbs fly, blows and shines are


Objects and Subject Complements Quiz #1 - Duke of Definition

Objects and Subject Complements Quiz #1 - Duke of Definition


Subject complements--Exercise 6 - Cengage Learning

3 in the predicate) actually modifies the subject. Exercise 6: Diagramming Subjects, Verbs, and Subject Complements Aquarius: The World’s Only Underwater Laboratory


Subject and object complements exercise - English Grammar

Identify the verb, subject complement, direct object, indirect object and object complement in the following sentences. 1. George is the captain.


Object Complement - English Plus+--English Grammar ...

Object Complement An object complement is an noun, pronoun, or adjective which follows a direct object and renames it or tells what the direct object has become.


complement (grammar) - Subject Complements and Object ...

See also: Practice in Identifying Subject and Object Complements; Commonly Confused Words: Complement and Compliment; Complement Clause; Extraposition

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Predicates, Objects, Complements

Direct and Indirect Objects. A direct object is the receiver of action within a sentence, as in "He hit the ball." Be careful to distinguish between a direct object ...



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