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Old Wives Tale Itchy Feet

Old Wives Tale Itchy Feet


Itchy Nose Old Wives Tales? - Ask.com

An itchy nose is symbolic of, in one of the old wives' tales, a fool is about to kiss you. There are many old wives' tales such as if your right ear itches something ...

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Old Wives Tale Itchy Palm? - Ask.com

Having an itchy right palm is an old wives tale of money coming to the person. However, if the person scratches it, money won't come. If the left palm itches, the ...

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Old wives' tales - List of Stuff

The longest list of old wive's tales at the longest domain, Old wive's tales...


Whats the old wives tale for having itchy palms?

Sep 18, 2007 · right to recive ( could be money?) left to leave ears are.... right to be talked about left for love! and ictch feet means althetes foot! ;)


Old Wives Tales | Old Wives Tales | Weird Myths

Old Wives Tales refer to sayings, practices or stories that have been passed down from generation to generation. This is a new section and we will be adding to it ...


Superstitions & Old Wives Tales: Body Parts

This is a compilation of Superstitions & Old Wives Tales about Body Parts and the Body. These are from various sources and countries, although they are very interesting.


Superstitions Old Wives Tales Beliefs & Misconceptions A-L

Unusual, unique, and uncommon facts about a diversity of subjects: Superstitions: old wives tales, folklore, bizarre beliefs, taboos, omens, lucky & unlucky things


The A-Z of Old WivesTales. - List of Stuff

It seems that just about anything has an old wivestale attached to it. How these crazy fables are started, or why they are believed, no one really knows.


Old Wives Tales, Superstitions - Kitchen Table Forum ...

I just love old wives tales and superstitions, do you have any that you would like to share. One that I like is that when you see cattle laying down in the fields it ...



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