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Pain Behind Back Molar

Pain Behind Back Molar


Gum pain behind back molars on both sides--NOT wisdom teeth

Last Wednesday, I woke up and something in my mouth didn't feel right. I felt around with my teeth and I could feel a hunch of flesh, like a flap that I could lift up ...


Tooth/Gum ache behind molars, but not wisdom teeth ...

I have had a really bad pain in my gum at the back of my mouth behind my molars. The only thing i can relate the pain to was when my wisdom teeth were ...


Swollen gum behind back left molar. - JustAnswer

Gum behind my molar is swollen and painful. I brush, floss and use mouth rinse every day. Any idea why the gum is swollen?

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Dentistry: Pain in back of Molar, I think, school of ...

Dentistry /Pain in back of Molar, I think. Advertisement. Expert: Stephen J. Moss - 1/4/2007. ... I have a pain behind my right molar, around where my widsom tooth was.


i have pain on the inner gum line behind my last molar on the

Question - i have pain on the inner gum line behind my last molar on the - A4. Find the answer to this and other Dental questions on JustAnswer.

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Swollen patch behind right molar. Hurts REALLY bad, not ...

Oct 20, 2007 · omg me 2 im turning 18 later next year febuary im leaving out of town this weekend and my bottom right behind my last molar hurts .... im guessing wisdom ...

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Severe Pain In Back Molars, Wisdom Teeth Symptoms ...

Wisdom tooth are the last to erupt in oral cavity. They are usually accompanied by severe pain in back molars. Special care has to be taken after wisdom teeth removal ...


Swollen gum behind molar - Answers on HealthTap

Flossed behind last molar. ... Pain about a molar indicates a problem and possilbe abscess. ... What does it mean when your back molar gums are swollen?


Pain behind last molar teeth, hurts to swallow. What could ...

Question - Pain behind last molar teeth, hurts to swallow. What could this be?. Ask a Doctor about diagnosis, treatment and medication for Gingivitis, Ask a Dentist

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