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Perihilar Prominence


PERIHILAR PROMINENCE ....Do you know what this is ...

OK, I have a PEDS care plan due tomorrow. My 2-mo. old baby's chest x-ray said he has mild perihilar prominence without focal consolidation. I can not find this in ...

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Meaning of 'prominence of bilateral perihilar ...

What does "prominent bronchovascular markings bilaterally" mean? I am having some difficulty in breathing for the past couple of months, and I had an x-ray that ...


What is mild right hilar prominence mean on a chest x-ray ...

Mar 10, 2006 · What is mild right hilar prominence mean on a chest x-ray? Follow . 4 answers . Report Abuse. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes No.


Mild perihilar interstitial prominence - Doctor answers on ...

What does "Hyperaerated lungs with perihilar interstitial prominence without focal infiltrate" mean? hyperaerated with perihilar interstitial prominence lungs without ...


increased interstitial and perihilar markings on x-ray ...

heres what it said for the chest x-ray... well, everything else was normal, except this: "there is minimal prominence of the interstitial and perihilar markings.


What does coarse interstitial prominence on a chest x-ray ...

I had a chest x-ray on the 14th and it showed a small infiltrate with right middle lobe (pneumonia, I know), but it also says, "Coarse interstitial ...


what does questionable prominence of the perihilar anatomy

Question - what does questionable prominence of the perihilar anatomy - 3J. Find the answer to this and other Health questions on JustAnswer.

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Increased perihilar interstitial markings on xray | Jim blog

Perihilar Disease Interstitial markings bilaterally. my baby who is 14 months old with cronic cough and breathing problems had a chest xray and the report said that ...



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