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Plural of Analysis


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What is the plural form of the word, analysis? I thought it was analyses, but why does TFD show the dreaded red underline each time I try to write it??


What Is The Plural For Analysis ? - Blurtit

The plural form of the word 'analysis' is 'analyses', pronounced 'ana-la-sees'. This refers to more than one scientific analysis for example. It forms its plural in ...

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Plural form of nouns | Nouns | English grammar guide

THE PLURAL OF NOUNS THE PLURAL OF NOUNS . Most nouns form the plural by adding -s or -es.


List of 100 Irregular Plural Nouns in English - Scribd

List of 100 Irregular Plural Nouns in English - Free download as Word Doc (.doc), PDF File (.pdf), Text file (.txt) or read online for free.


Plural Form of Orifice? - - What's Your Question?

Depending on which dictionary is being read there are two options for the plural form of orifice. In general dictionaries it is listed as orifices. However in

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GREG N. CARLSON - University of Chicago

THE ENGLISH BARE PLURAL 415 not distinct from each other. I conclude by sketching a rather programmatic analysis of the semantics of the bare plural, one ...


What is the plural of the word chief? -

The plural of the word "chief" is "chiefs." This follows a standard English rule. An "s" is used to in the plural form because there are two vowels before the final "f."

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foreign plural - definition and examples of foreign plural ...

Examples of words that have retained their foreign plural forms in English. (Also see "Divided Usage" and "Latin and Greek -a Plural," below.).

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Irregular Nouns - ESL Desk

List of English Irregular Nouns ... A noun, in English grammar, is a word that names a person, animal, place, thing, idea, or concept.


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noun, plural analyses [uh-nal-uh-seez] ) 1. the separating of any material or abstract entity into its constituent elements (opposed to synthesis). 2. this process as ...



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