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Plural of Analysis


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What is the plural form of the word, analysis? I thought it was analyses, but why does TFD show the dreaded red underline each time I try to write it??


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¿Cómo se dice "analysis" en plural? ¿Es la misma palabra? ... hi again the plural is "analyses" adeu i bona sort

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Hi, Is there a plural form for the word "analysis". More particularly, I would like to translate de sentence: "Ce sujet à fait l'objet de nombreuses analyses".

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<< Shouldn't it be ANALYSES (plural) instead of ANALYSIS ...

wholegrain The word "analysis" is countable; therefore, ANALYSIS and ANALYSES must refer to different things. I don't accept your conclusion. "Dog" is countable, and ...


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The plural form of the word 'analysis' is 'analyses', pronounced 'ana-la-sees'. This refers to more than one scientific analysis for example. It forms its plural in ...

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THE PLURAL OF NOUNS THE PLURAL OF NOUNS . Most nouns form the plural by adding -s or -es.


Mormonism and polygamy/Purpose of plural marriage - FairMormon

Questions. Why would the Lord have commanded the 19th century Saints to implement plural marriage? What purpose(s) did polygamy accomplish? Note: Some provide …


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A noun borrowed from another language that has kept its original plural form rather than adapt the regular English plural ending of "-s."

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noun, plural analyses . 1. the separating of any material or abstract entity into its constituent elements (opposed to synthesis ). 2. this process as a method of ...


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da·ta (dt, dt, dät) pl.n. (used with a sing. or pl. verb) 1. Factual information, especially information organized for analysis or used to reason or make decisions ...



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