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Plural of Radius


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Classically, the plural should be radii , (usually pronounced ray-dee-eye) because 'radius' is a Latin word. However, in modern English, radiuses is acceptable.

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What's the plural form of radius? Here's the word you're looking for.


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History . The -us singular form with an -i plural comes from Latin. However, the morphology of Latin nouns is complex and not every Latin word ending in -us ...


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Regular plurals . The plural morpheme in English is suffixed to the end of most nouns. Regular English plurals fall into three classes, depending upon the sound that ...


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the moment when she will be crossing the zenith, which latter event will further diminish the entire distance by a length equal to the radius of the earth,


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A noun, in English grammar, is a word that names a person, animal, place, thing, idea, or concept. There are more nouns in the English Language than any other kind of ...


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noun, plural radii , radiuses. 1. a straight line extending from the center of a circle or sphere to the circumference or surface: The radius of a circle is half the ...


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Jul 13, 2009 · fungus - fungi This is a really good question and not very simple. It depends on how established the word is in some cases. One article by Oxford is here:


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The plural forms for cactus are cacti or cactuses , both are accepted. Some words that come from Latin, such as cactus, stimulus, nucleus, and radius, still act as ...

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Nov 23, 2007 · First of all, it's ironic that any English dictionary would list "platypi" as acceptable. The singular -us > plural -i (as in radius/radii, alumnus/alumni ...



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