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Plus or Minus Symbol Shortcut

Plus or Minus Symbol Shortcut


How do I find the "plus or minus" sign? - Microsoft Office ...

Alt+0177 dita@ut wrote: I need the mathematical "plus or minus" sign, i.e. a plus sign over a minus sign. Is there a trick or a symbol I have missed?

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How to add Plus and minus symbol in Microsoft word ...

How to add Plus and minus symbol in Microsoft word ( Special symbol + _ how to write in microsoft word)


DVD Plus or Minus | Worldstart's Tech Tips And Computer Help

Mar 30, 2014 · Michele from Ankeny, Iowa writes “I just watched a video by Worldstart instructing the use of Windows DVD Maker. What type of DVD should be used to burn ...


Shortcut Keys or Alt Codes for Math Symbols | Math in Word ...

Math Symbols . Name. Alt + numbers. Codes, Alt + X ∀ For all. Alt + 8704. 2200 ∁ Complement. Alt + 8705. 2201 ∂ Partial Differential. Alt + 8706. 2202 ∃ There ...


Linux keyboard text symbols: Compose key shortcuts - fsymbols

Best button for Compose key. Probably, the best position for Compose key is Left Windows key. Of course, this depends on how often you use text symbols, how good …

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Google Plus Tips & Shortcuts - Local SEO Guide

Jun 29, 2011 · tips last updated:9/1/11 7:08am pst. brands & businesses on google+ chat chrome extensions circles comments google plus api google plus games …


Keyboard Shortcuts to Insert Special Symbols in Excel

Assessing the money flow is one more essential element within the company strategy format, so as to sustain a regular money flow to meet the essential capital ...


Unicode Shortcut Symbol Key-in - [Archived] MicroStation ...

In reply to DavidG: Windows has had a utility for quite some time called Character Map... this will show you every symbol available in any font you have installed in ...


keyboard - How do you type a true minus sign (not a hyphen ...

I'm looking for one of those ⌥+? shortcuts to type a minus sign (−) from the keyboard, without touching the mouse. I'm looking for the minus sign (−).


The difference between a dash and a minus sign

...the hyphen looks too low and too small when used as a minus in mathematical expressions. If you want to insert a ‘real’ minus sign in Word, here’s how...



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