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Postictal Phenomena

Postictal Phenomena


Postictal Psychosis: Common, Dangerous, and Treatable

Risk Factors for Postictal Psychosis. The literature contains diverse and contradictory risk factors for PP. The most consistent risk factors for PP are evidence of ...

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Postictal Psychosis in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy - Leutmezer ...

How to Cite. Leutmezer, F., Podreka, I., Asenbaum, S., Pietrzyk, U., Lucht, H., Back, C., Benda, N. and Baumgartner, C. (2003), Postictal Psychosis in Temporal Lobe ...

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Postictal psychosis: presymptomatic risk factors and the ...

Postictal psychosis (PIP), an episode of psychosis occurring after a cluster of seizures, is common and may be associated with profound morbidity, including chronic ...


Psychotic illness in patients with epilepsy

Is psychosis in PWEs explicable as a type of schizophrenia incidentally induced by epilepsy? If ‘epileptic psychosis’ is understood as a psychotic state in a ...

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Todd's paresis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Todd's paresis, Todd's paralysis, or Todd's palsy (or postictal paresis/paralysis, "after seizure") is focal weakness in a part of the body after a seizure.


Psychosis of Epilepsy: A Neurologist's Perspective ...

Epilepsy & Behavior 1, 219-227 (2000) doi:10.1006/ebeh.2000.0090, available online at on


Temporal lobe epilepsy | Radiology Reference Article ...

Temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) is the most common type of partial epilepsy, with often characteristic imaging and clinical findings. It is divided into two broad groups:


Chapter 22: Epilepsy - Dartmouth College

Epilepsy is the tendency to have seizures in the absence of provocations that would cause the normal brain to have a seizure.


Seizure Disorders and Social Security Disability

Seizure disorders, including epilepsy, cataplexy, generalized seizures and partial seizures, can support a finding of disabled by the Social Security Administration.


Stroke Differential Diagnosis - Mimics and Chameleons

Stroke Differential Diagnosis - Mimics and Chameleons. Tables . Table 1. Differential diagnosis of acute stroke syndromes, mimics, and chameleons


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