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Pretibial Edema Definition

Pretibial Edema Definition


brawny edema - definition of brawny edema in the Medical ...

Brawny Edema A change typical of chronic venous insufficiency, which is characterised by thickening, induration, liposclerosis and non-pitting oedema; the brawny ...


nonpitting edema - definition of nonpitting edema in the ...

edema [ ĕde´mah ] the accumulation of excess fluid in a fluid compartment. Formerly called dropsy and hydrops . adj., adj edem´atous. This accumulation can occur ...


Myxedema | Define Myxedema at

noun Pathology . a condition characterized by thickening of the skin, blunting of the senses and intellect, and labored speech, associated with hypothyroidism . Also ...


Edema: Find Out About Causes and Treatment

Apr 17, 2014 · Read about edema, an observable swelling in certain parts of the body. Edema may fall into one of two categories: pitting and non-pitting edema. When ...

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Pitting Edema, Causes & Treatment - Health & Lifestyle ...

Definition of Edema (Shvathu) Edema is simply defined as the excess accumulation of fluids in the spaces between the tissues and the skin, known as the interstitial ...


Myxedema - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Myxoedema can occur in the lower leg (pretibial myxedema) and behind the eyes (exophthalmos). Cause . Myxoedema is known to occur in various forms of …


Evaluation and management of edema in children

Edema is a clinical condition characterized by an increase in interstitial fluid volume and tissue swelling that can be either localized or generalized. Severe ...


Adduct | Define Adduct at

verb (used with object) 1. Physiology . to move or draw toward the axis of the body or one of its parts (opposed to abduct ). noun 2. Also called addition compound ...


Congestive Heart Failure - Medical Pharmacology

Pulmonary edema is common in congestive heart failure. As pulmonary capillary pressures increase, the initial fluid excess is ...


Tips From Other Journals - American Family Physician

Am Fam Physician. 2001 Oct 15;64(8):1451-1452. Lymphedema, the excessive accumulation of lymph fluid caused by decreased lymphatic transport, encompasses …

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