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Prominence of Ventricles and Sulci

Prominence of Ventricles and Sulci


Computed tomography of the brain morphology of patients ...

Feb 15, 2001 · Results. First-episode patients showed a modest enlargement of sulci and ventricles and a reversed asymmetry of the sylvian fissure. Age was the only ...

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Alzheimer Disease Imaging - Medscape Reference

Jul 27, 2014 · The initial criteria for CT scan diagnosis of Alzheimer disease includes diffuse cerebral atrophy with enlargement of the cortical sulci and increased size ...


Neuro Macros ImageCast — UW Radiology

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Meta-analyses of studies of ventricular enlargement and ...

1. Arch Gen Psychiatry. 1995 Sep;52(9):735-46. Meta-analyses of studies of ventricular enlargement and cortical sulcal prominence in mood disorders.


sulci - definition of sulci by Medical dictionary

sulcus /sul·cus/ (sul´kus) pl. sul´ci [L.] a groove, trench, or furrow; in anatomy, a general term for such a depression, especially one on the brain surface ...


Sulcus (neuroanatomy) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Structure . In neuroanatomy, a sulcus (Latin: "furrow", pl. sulci) is a depression or groove in the cerebral cortex. It surrounds a gyrus (pl. gyri), creating the ...


Fourth ventricle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Roof and floor . The fourth ventricle has a "roof" dorsally and a "floor" ventrally. The roof of the fourth ventricle is formed by the cerebellum (superior and ...


GYRI, SULCI AND LOBES - Free Medical Books Online

The surface of the cerebral hemisphere shows a complex pattern of convolutions, or gyri, which are separated by furrows of varying depth known as fissures, or sulci.


Colloid Cyst of the Third Ventricle: Imaging-pathologic ...

Imaging Studies. Initial noncontrast CT of the head showed dilatation of the lateral ventricles and brain atrophy . The colloid cyst had a rounded configuration and ...


3. Coronal Sections and the Ventricular System

3. Coronal Sections and the Ventricular System . Revised August 2, 2007 The objectives of this chapter are to identify: The major brain divisions in coronal sections.



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