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Punctate Calcifications in Brain

Punctate Calcifications in Brain


Punctate Foci in Brain | Reference.com Answers

Punctate foci in brain are 'lesions' on the brain, typically caused by unknown trauma to the brain or conditions where demyelination of brain tissue occurs.


Punctate | Define Punctate at Dictionary.com

punctate or punctated (ˈpʌŋkteɪt) —adj: having or marked with minute spots, holes, or depressions [C18: from New Latin punctātus, from Latin punctum a point]


Brain Calcification - Migraines & Headaches - MedHelp

Sep 27, 2008 · Hi, Thanks for writing in. Brain calcifications can occur after stroke, brain injury. Sometimes brain tumors can get calcified. Calcifications in the brain ...


Primary Familial Brain Calcification - GeneReviews ...

Summary. Disease characteristics. Primary familial brain calcification (PFBC) is a neurodegenerative disorder with characteristic calcium deposits in the basal ...

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Orbital Calcifications & Imaging of Optic Nerve Head Drusen

Charles Wykoff, HMS 3 Gillian Lieberman, MD Orbital Calcifications & Imaging of Optic Nerve Head Drusen Charles Wykoff Harvard Medical School, Year 3


Pancreatic calcifications | Radiology Reference Article ...

Pancreatic calcifications can arise form many aetiologies. Punctate intraductal calcifications. acute alcoholic pancreatitis (20-40%) intraductal, numerous, small ...


Breast calcifications | Radiology Reference Article ...

Breast calcifications can arise from a vast number of aetiologies. EpidemiologyThey are extremely common and can be present in ~ 85 % of mammograms 8. Their frequency ...


Punctate white matter lesions in infants: new insights ...

May 07, 2011 · With the increasing use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), hemorrhagic and hypoxic–ischemic lesions are often diagnosed during the neonatal …

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Neuroradiology Cases: Intracranial calcifications

Causes include physiological as well as pathological. Knowledge of physiologic calcifications in the brain parenchyma is essential to avoid misinterpretations.


Calcification in Chronic Maxillary Sinusitis:Comparison of ...

fig 2. Calcification in aspergillosis. Coronal CT scan shows nodular (short arrow) and linear (long arrow) calcifications located centrally in the right maxillary sinus.



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