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What Does " Responding Variable " Mean? | eHow

The responding variable is the one variable that changes as a result of altering the manipulating variables. In an experiment, different conditions of the responding ...

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Dependent and independent variables - Wikipedia, the free ...

Variables used in an experiment or modelling can be divided into three types: "dependent variable", "independent variable", or other. The "dependent variable ...


Difference Between Manipulative & Responding Variable | eHow

The responding variable is the variable that is acted upon and responds to the manipulated variable. The responding variable responds to the manipulated variable.

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What are manipulated variable and responding variable ...

What is controlling manipulating and responding variables? Controlling Variables are the variables that stay the same.The Manipulated Variable is the variable that ...

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Scientific Method - Manipulated and Responding Variables

Scientific Method - Manipulated and Responding Variables. Jordan is doing a science fair project on the effects of music on the growth of tomatoes.


What is a responding variable? |

A responding variable is the component of an experiment that responds to change. For example, if salt is added to water to see how the pH level changes, the water is ...

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What is the difference between a manipulated variable and ...

A variable is something which can change, that is have different values. The proper scientific terms for these are: Dependent and Independent variable.

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what would be the manipulated varible, responding ...

what would be the manipulated varible, responding variables, constants of the first grade color science with grape juice project?


What is a manipulated variable a control variable a ...

A manipulated variable the factor or quantity the investigator changes intentionally. This is established before doing the test. A controlled variable is a factor ...

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What are science variables? - PS: Physics at West ...


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