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What is a responding variable -

A responding variable is a value of measure, that came from the manipulated and controlled variables. responding variable means what your trying to find out

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What are responding variables -

What are manipulated variable and responding variable? \n the manipulated variable is the part of the experiment that does not get the "treatment

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Dependent and independent variables - Wikipedia, the free ...

Variables used in an experiment or modelling can be divided into three types: "dependent variable", "independent variable", or other. The "dependent variable ...


Responding Variable - - Answers - The Most ...

Manipulated variables are also known as independent variables. These are the variable which you change in an investigation. Plotted on the x axis.

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What Does " Responding Variable " Mean? | eHow

What Does "Responding Variable" Mean?. Variables represent values in mathematical equations or chemistry experiments you can alter to verify how they change when you ...

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Definition of Responding Variable? -

Responding variables are variables that change because of altering manipulating variables. Different conditions of the responding variable are observable in an

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Difference Between Manipulative & Responding Variable | eHow

The responding variable is the variable that is acted upon and responds to the manipulated variable. The responding variable responds to the manipulated variable.

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What are manipulated variable and responding variable ...

What is manipulated variables and responding variables? Manipulated variables: what you change in the experiment on purpose. Can be one thing. Ex: The color of the ...

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What is the meaning of variables, manipulated,and ...

Nov 13, 2007 · A variable is any entity that can take on different values, example, gender is a variable, you are either male or female. Manipulated Variable(s) are the ...

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What is a Responding Variable? - Answers

A responding variable is also known as a dependent variable. It is the variable in a study that depends or responds to the particular action taken.

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