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Strength and Honor in Latin

Strength and Honor in Latin


What is the correct Latin translation of "Strength and Honor"?

Best Answer:: Vires et honestas = Strength and honor 'Vires' is concrete and physical. 'Fortitudo' is abstract and philosophical. 'Vires' is more suited to ...


"Strength and Honor" | Latin D

"Strength and Honor" My brothers and I are getting tattoos in honor of our late father. We all shared a deep love for the movie "Gladiator" and this was ...

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How do you say strength and honor in latin -

The Latin equivalent of the English phrase 'strength and wisdom' is Fortitudo et sapientia. In the word-by-word translation, the noun 'fortitudo' means 'strength'.

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What is strength and honor in Latin -

'Forza e onore' is an Italian equivalent of 'strength and honor'. It used to be that the conjunction 'e' ['and'] was written as 'ed' when followed by a word that ...

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Strength and honor - English - Latin Translation and Examples

Strength and honor, fortis Fortuna adiuvat, Latin, English US, Translation, human translation, automatic translation.


Latin: "strength and honor", again, latin expression ...

Answer Hello, As you say, the Romanian expression "Sanatate si virtute!",literally meaning "Health/vigor and virtue!", originates in the Vulgar Latin, i.e. the common ...


Strength and honor | Latin D

I'm not sure how often you all get asked this (i'd assume it's fairly often) but how would a centurion or legionaire say "Strength and honor"? My friend ...

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What Are The Words For "strength And Honor" In Latin?

Answer by CHICHONA (21) the correct latin word for strength is vires and the ...


What is the latin translation of strength and honor ...

Question by Bradshaw: What is the latin translation of strength and honor? What is the latin translation of strength and honor? I’m wanting to get it as part of a ...



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