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Throwing Up Thick Clear Mucus

Throwing Up Thick Clear Mucus


throwing up mucus every morning - MedHelp

It occurs every morning or every time after laying down. I feel a thick build up of mucous, which demands to be coughed up. It usually starts out with a very thick ...


throwing up phlegm - MedHelp - MedHelp - Health community ...

I also get a slight earache and my left ear feels blocked. Nausea also keeps coming and going and i have been throwing up phlegm which was clear to start with and ...


Our dog is coughing and throwing up clear mucus - JustAnswer

Our dog has been coughing and throwing up a clear mucus mebrane

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My dog is throwing up thick white mucus - Ask Experts ...

My dog threw up thick white mucus - a big pile of it - and now has thrown up twice more in the last couple of hours. The last 2 times are dark yellow mucus.

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thick stringly/ropey clear mucous coated on back of throat ...

thick stringly/ropey clear mucous coated on back of throat and vomitted...


constant clear,thick, throat mucus · Throat disorders ...

macaronipipestems wrote: I have had clear mucus down the back of my throat since 2004 on and after a cruise .I have not held a job since! I have been to a family ...

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Thick sticky mucus in my throat - Ear, Nose & Throat - MedHelp

Reposting ..hoping for some help Hello .. I have been suffering from thick sticky mucus .. clear but sometimes white . Its hard to get rid .. wont move . So thick and ...


constant clear mucus in my throat - WebMD Answers

WebMD experts and contributors provide answers to: constant clear mucus in my throat


Thick excessive mucus causes me to gag/choke until I pass ...

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How do you get rid of thick phlegm in your chest & throat ...

I had a cold a few days ago and I'm somewhat feeling better. But I can't get rid of this stream thick Phlegm stuck at the bottom of my chest. It's a nuisance, every ...



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