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Tibiotalar and Subtalar Joint Effusions

Tibiotalar and Subtalar Joint Effusions


Tibiotalar Impingement - Foot &a2000mp; Ankle - Orthobullets.com

Introduction: Most often caused by osteophyte impingement in anterior tibiotalar joint; can also be caused by excessive anterolateral soft tissues or posterior soft ...


Talus Fracture Imaging - Medscape Reference

Sep 16, 2013 · Plain radiographic imaging of the foot and ankle are used to diagnose fractures of the talus. The views obtained depend on the particular fracture ...


Musculoskeletal Interventions: Diagnostic and Therapeutic ...

Joint injection is a useful tool in the diagnosis of intra-articular pathology that may improve diagnostic performance of computed tomography (CT) and magnetic ...

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Ankle - AP - wikiRadiography

Name of projection: Ankle - AP: Area Covered: Ankle - distal third of the tibia and fibula, proximal half of the metatarsals, lateral and medial malleoli, talus


Ankle joint radiography - SlideShare

Ankle joint radiography Presentation Transcript. ANKLE JOINTRADIOGRAPHYBy Dr. Nikhil Murkey ; The Ottawa Ankle Rules (OAR)• The commonly used criteria for ...


The Radiology Assistant : US-guided injection of joints

Publicationdate December 22, 2012. This article describes the application of Ultrasound guidance for diagnostic and therapeutic joint injections.


Ankle - Oblique (Internal) - wikiRadiography

Name of projection: Ankle - Medial Oblique (Internal Rotation) Area Covered: Distal 1/3 of the tibia and fiblua, proximal metatarsals, ankle joint, lateral and medial ...


Foot and Ankle Disorders: Radiographic Signs

by a capsule, which, when distended anteriorly by a joint effusion results in a teardrop density1 (Fig. 1). The presence of ankle effusion in the context of acute ...


Imaging features of extraaxial musculoskeletal tuberculosis

The nonspecific, often indolent, clinical presentation of extraspinal musculoskeletal TB, together with its low prevalence and the low index of suspicion among ...

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mri | Radiology Notes

Apr 23, 2012 · Posts about mri written by lmwong ... Indication: [x]. Technique: An MRI of the lumbar spine was performed utilizing the following sequences: [x]



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