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Tibiotalar and Subtalar Joint Effusions

Tibiotalar and Subtalar Joint Effusions


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In human anatomy, the subtalar joint, also known as the talocalcaneal joint, is a joint of the foot. It occurs at the meeting point of the talus and the calcaneus.


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Medical Definition of TIBIOTALAR : of or relating to the tibia and the talus <noninflammatory effusion in the tibiotalar joint—S. B. Baker et al> Ask The Editor ...


What Is Joint Effusion? - Arthritis and Joint Conditions ...

Joint effusion (not to be confused with joint fusion) is the medical term used when there is an abnormal accumulation of fluid in or around a joint.

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Swollen Joints (Joint Effusion): Causes and Treatments

Swollen joints happen when there's an increase of fluid in the tissues that surround the joints. Joint swelling is common with different types of arthritis ...

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Tibiotalar Impingement - Foot & Ankle - Orthobullets.com

Introduction: Most often caused by osteophyte impingement in anterior tibiotalar joint; can also be caused by excessive anterolateral soft tissues or posterior soft ...


Joint effusion | Radiology Reference Article | Radiopaedia.org

This article is dedicated to the humble joint effusion, particularly the plain radiographic appearances. A joint effusion is defined as an increased amount of fluid ...


Joint Effusion Treatment - Buzzle

Joint Effusion Treatment Joint effusion could be caused due to an infection or a trauma to the inner lining of the capsule that covers a synovial joint.


Subtalar Arthroscopy - AOFAS

Another common area for patients to have subtalar joint pain is the back of the ankle in front of the Achilles tendon. Pain in this area may be seen in athletes that ...


Subtalar arthritis - OrthopaedicsOne Articles ...

Introduction. Isolated subtalar arthritis most commonly occurs secondary to calcaneus or talus fractures, but it can also occur with inflammatory arthritic conditions ...


Ankle Arthritis - Foot & Ankle - Orthobullets.com

Introduction: Defined as osteoarthritis of the tibiotalar joint; Epidemiology less common than OA of knee and hip; Pathophysiology


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