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Instructions for a Creme Brulee Torch | eHow

A creme brulee torch is the ultimate cooking luxury. It is used to quickly caramelize the topping on this elegant dessert, a rich smooth custard topped with a crisp ...

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Nine Uses for a Culinary Torch - Cooking

If you have a culinary torch that you rarely use, check out some of the ways you can make the most of it, including roast peppers, crème brulee, and more.


How to Use a Kitchen Torch | eHow

Mar 12, 2014 · Kitchen torches are very similar to other types of torches except that they are smaller and use a different gas. The torch runs off a canister of butane ...

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Torch Ginger Plant Information – Caring For Torch Ginger ...

The torch ginger lily is a showy addition to the tropical landscape. Find out how to grow this interesting plant by reading the following article.

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Red Torch Mexican Sunflower Seeds | Baker Creek Heirloom ...

(GOLDEN FLOWER OF THE AZTECS) Brilliant red-orange 2- 3-inch flowers; Red Torch Mexican Sunflower Tithonia is an excellent butterfly plant!


Idaho Finger Steaks Recipe -

Feb 03, 2008 · Cut your tenderloin steak into smaller pieces and season well to get finger steaks, Idaho-style!

From: - Welcome to Alden! Where Neighbors Care!

Finally a web site that provides visitors with where to shop, what to do and when to do it. Visit Alden on Beautiful Torch Lake!


French Onion Potato Latkes - My Jewish Learning

French Onion Potato Latkes If you love gruyere and French onion soup, you will love these. By Joy of Kosher


Me&MyTorch: Adventures in Taste, Sous Vide & Blowtorchery

A food and cooking blog exploring sous vide, paleo, and experimental cooking techniques and ingredients.



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