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Transmission Whining Sound

Transmission Whining Sound


Whining Noise Transmission? - › Q&A › Shopping › Shopping for Automotive

A whining noise coming from the transmission may be caused by a number of things. Start by checking the transmission fluid. If the fluid appears low then add fluid

My Transmission Is Slipping & Has a Whining Noise | eHow

A whining noise is caused by worn-down grip gears in a transmission. When the gears are so worn down that they start to rub against one another, they produce a high ...

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All About Auto: Whining Noise from Automatic Transmission

Whining noise from automatic transmission occurs while driving your car. Troubleshooting car problems of whining noise from automatic transmission.


Whining noise coming from 4L60E transmission ...

Hi all, I've got a 97 Chevy Silverado 4x4 with a 4L60E transmission. Pickup has about 130,000 miles on it. For awhile now I've had a whining noise coming from the ...


Transmission making whining noise - AnandTech Forums

Probably about 2 months ago my Jeep started making sporadic noises from somewhere in the transmission area. It's pretty hard to describe the noise but I would say it ...


High Pitched Whining Noise From Transmission

The 2003 Honda Accord has 13 complaints for high pitched whining noise from transmission. Average repair cost is $2,917.00 at 85,258 miles.

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4WD whining noise at slow speeds : Transmission/Drivetrain

sounds like the whine when the power steering fluid is low - It snowed about an inch overnight and I used the 4WD high on my truck for the first ...



4t65e transmission shifting hard, whining noise intermittent - usually after driving a little while 108000 miles anything to do besides new transmission?

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15 Complaints: 2008 Nissan Altima Whining Noise While Driving

The 2008 Nissan Altima has 15 complaints for whining noise while driving. Average failure mileage is 54,020 miles.

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Whining noise from transmission? - HondaSUV Forums ...

Does the whine stop when you stop accelerating? Is it louder on the freeway? If the whine is from the transmission I would flush the transmission fluid just to be safe.



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