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What Can Lower the PSA

What Can Lower the PSA


What Can I Do to Lower My PSA? | eHow

According to studies at UCLA, pomegranate juice can lower PSA due to its high level of antioxidants. It has also been suggested that a diet rich in leafy green ...

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Can I Reduce PSA Numbers in 3 Days to 4 Weeks With Natural ...

Aug 29, 2013 · LIVESTRONG.COM; Health; Alternative Medicine; Herbs and Alternative Medicine; Can I Reduce PSA Numbers in 3 Days to 4 Weeks With Natural Herbs?

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Wellness Resources - What can I do to lower my PSA levels?

Q. My PSA level was at 4.0 last year and I was told to wait 6 months to re-test. I have been on a low fat diet and am taking various supplements.


How to Lower PSA Numbers | eHow

You May Also Like. Ways to Lower a PSA Number. PSA is a protein, the prostate specific antigen, that is measured in the blood. PSA is produced by the prostate …

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How to Lower PSA Levels? - Ask.com

PSA (prostate specific antigen) is a substance that is found in healthy adult males. PSA makes up part of the composition of semen. Most men have approximately four ...

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Lower PSA Level In Men - Kegel Exercises

How to lower the PSA in men ... Hormonal Balance Diet and exercise go hand and hand. In order to truly transform your body,


Foods & Supplements That Lower the PSA Reading ...

Jun 17, 2011 · LIVESTRONG.COM; Food and Drink; Diet and Nutrition; Vitamins and Minerals in Food; Foods & Supplements That Lower the PSA Reading

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How To Lower PSA Levels Naturally - How To Live Longer

I'm sure a lot of men relate to concerns over elevated PSA levels. Prostate cancer is one of the leading cancers affecting men in America and high PSA levels are one ...


What Can Cause a Falsely Low PSA - Falsely Low PSA

Answer: A falsely low PSA can occur because of several different reasons. If the PSA is falsely low, your doctor may be more inclined to write off the result as ...

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PSA Blemished Bullet-Pictogram Lower - Receivers - Firearms

PSA Blemished Bullet-Pictogram Lower. Lower may have cosmetic blemishes on the finish.

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