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What Did Shawnee Indians Hunt

What Did Shawnee Indians Hunt


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Because the Shawnee Indians moved around, they did not live in the more permanent shelters. Rather, they lived in round wigwams which were reminiscent to what we ...


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This article is about the Native American tribe. For other uses, see Shawnee (disambiguation).


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1,400 Shawnee in Missouri, 110 in Louisiana, and 800 in Ohio. There were also a couple hundred in Texas at this time, so the total should have been near 2,500.


Shawnee Indian Tribe Facts - native american indian facts

Shawnee Indian Tribe Facts The Shawnee Indians are originally Northeast American Indian tribes. Today they reside mainly in Oklahoma where the tribes are now ...


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History. Little is known about the Shawnee Indians until the 1600's when a war with their northern neighbors, the Iroquois, drove them south from their native land ...

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Family background . Tecumseh's father was Puckshinwa (in Shawnee, Puckeshinwau, meaning "Alights from Flying", "Something that drops" or "I …


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Kentucky History Marker #1274 in Clark County marks the approximate location of the Shawnee Indian settlement of Eskippakithiki.


American Indian's History: Shawnee Chief Cornstalk

Feb 09, 2012 · The reader of these pages is already familiar with the name of Cornstalk, "the mighty Cornstalk, sachem of the Shawnee, and king of …


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On Sunday, September 14 th at 2pm, Pricketts Fort will presents a free lecture featuring the 18th century Shawnee leader Cornstalk, portrayed by Dan Cutler, in the ...


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Related posts: Shawnee Indian Tribe The earliest known home of the Shawnee was on Cumberland River. From there some of them moved across to the Tennessee and ...



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