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What Does Fixed Pupils Mean

What Does Fixed Pupils Mean


What does it mean when your pupils dialate - The Q&A wiki

Ahhhh Body language. One of my favorite things to study. If someone's pupils dialate, it doesn't necisarrily mean that they like the person they are talking to ...

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What does Pupil Dilation Indicate? - Buzzle

What does Pupil Dilation Indicate? One look at your eyes can tell someone if you are romantically aroused, if you're on some medication or if you're a victim of drug ...


What does being Wahabi mean ? | Saudiwoman's Weblog

salam bro and sis, (ya akhi wa uktih) actually for me i really enjoyed the sisters post and it gave me more knowledge on the word wahabi. because i have been trying ...



A blown pupil usually refers to a pupil that is completely dilated and no longer responding to light. A blown pupil (also called 'fixed and dilated') is when one or ...

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What does swollen eyes mean - MedHelp - Health community ...

Common Questions and Answers about What does swollen eyes mean


What Do Telescopes Do? - University of Michigan

What Do Telescopes Do? by Doug Scobel Printed in Reflections: July, 2003. Sounds like a simple enough question, doesn’t it? But the answer isn’t as simple as you ...


What does Athens mean? definition, meaning and ...

Definition of Athens in the AudioEnglish.org Dictionary. Meaning of Athens. What does Athens mean? Proper usage and pronunciation (in phonetic transcription) of the ...


"A duplicate name exists on the network - what does that ...

Feb 27, 2007 · despina February 27, 2007 10:23 AM i am in a university campus at the moment and i am facing this problem 'a duplicate name exists on the network'.

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What Does It Mean to Be a Sloth? - The Nature Institute

We are losing animals. I do not mean only numerically through the extinction of species. I also mean we are losing them in our understanding. Perhaps it might be ...


What Does "I Take Full Responsibility" Really Mean?

Politicians take "full responsibility" all the time. And then move on. No consequences. So what does the term really mean?



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