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What Is Cortical Sulci

What Is Cortical Sulci


What Is a Cortical Neuron? (with pictures)

Oct 22, 2014 · A cortical neuron is a cell in the brain's largest region, the cerebral cortex. The main functions of cortical neurons are to...


Neuroradiology Cases: Hyperintensity along cortical sulci

MR Axial FLAIR study of brain performed immediately after that shows abnormal hyperintensities in the region of hemispheric cortical sulci.


Sulcus (neuroanatomy) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Structure . In neuroanatomy, a sulcus (Latin: "furrow", pl. sulci) is a depression or groove in the cerebral cortex. It surrounds a gyrus (pl. gyri), creating the ...


Cerebral cortex - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The cerebral cortex is the cerebrum's (brain) outer layer of neural tissue in humans and other mammals. It is divided into two cortices, along the sagittal plane: the ...


Isolated Acute Nontraumatic Cortical Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

SUMMARY: Our aim was to review the etiologic background of isolated acute nontraumatic cSAH. While SAH located in the basal cisterns originates ...


Headbirths | technology, neuroscience, philosophy

technology, neuroscience, philosophy ... (This is the sixth part of the ‘From Neural Is to Moral Ought’ series of talks.


Measuring Cortical Thickness - Brain

Measuring Cortical Thickness Jason Lerch Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery McGill University Montreal, Canada July 2001 A Masters of Science Thesis Proposal.


Malformations of cortical development. - National Center ...

1. Neurologist. 2008 May;14(3):181-91. doi: 10.1097/NRL.0b013e31816606b9. Malformations of cortical development. Pang T, Atefy R, Sheen V. BACKGROUND: …


Brain Anatomy 4 - Functional Cortical Anatomy (Medial ...

Higher Cortical Functions: Language (Section 4, Chapter 8 ...

A major issue of the topic of higher cortical function is the degree to which mental and cognitive functions are located in specific brain regions.



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