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What Is Cortical Sulci

What Is Cortical Sulci


Neuroradiology Cases: Hyperintensity along cortical sulci

MR Axial FLAIR study of brain performed immediately after that shows abnormal hyperintensities in the region of hemispheric cortical sulci.


Primer on Cortical Sulci - University of Western Ontario

14 Major Sulci. Main sulci are formed early in development Fissures - really deep sulci. Typically Continuous Sulci. Interhemispheric fissure; Sylvian fissure


Sulcus (neuroanatomy) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Structure . In neuroanatomy, a sulcus (Latin: "furrow", pl. sulci) is a depression or groove in the cerebral cortex. It surrounds a gyrus (pl. gyri), creating the ...


Cerebral cortex - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The cerebral cortex is the cerebrum's (brain) outer layer of neural tissue in humans and other mammals. It is divided into two cortices, along the sagittal plane: the ...


Meta-analyses of studies of ventricular enlargement and ...

1. Arch Gen Psychiatry. 1995 Sep;52(9):735-46. Meta-analyses of studies of ventricular enlargement and cortical sulcal prominence in mood disorders.


1703Location of the Central Sulcus via Cortical Thickness ...

1703Location of the Central Sulcus via Cortical Thickness of the Precentral and Postcentral Gyri on MR Joel R. Meyer, Sudipta Roychowdhury, Eric J. Russell, Cathy ...


Measuring Cortical Thickness - McGill University

Measuring Cortical Thickness Jason Lerch Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery McGill University Montreal, Canada July 2001 A Masters of Science Thesis Proposal.


Brain Anatomy 3 - Gross Cortical Anatomy (Medial Surface ...

Isolated Acute Nontraumatic Cortical Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

SUMMARY: Our aim was to review the etiologic background of isolated acute nontraumatic cSAH. While SAH located in the basal cisterns originates ...


Higher Cortical Functions: Language (Section 4, Chapter 8 ...

A major issue of the topic of higher cortical function is the degree to which mental and cognitive functions are located in specific brain regions.



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