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What Weighs Exactly 100 Grams

What Weighs Exactly 100 Grams


What weighs exactly 100 grams - Answers.com

A baseball weighs between 141.75 grams (5 ounces) and 148.8 grams (5 1/4 ounces).

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What weighs exactly 100 grams ? | Yahoo Answers

Best Answer: Regular metal paper clips are used as a gram mass. 100 of them would be 100 grams.


What weighs exactly 100 grams? - YaHooka Forums

I need to re-calibrate my scale with a 100 gram weight. Does anybody know of anyting around the house that weights exactly 100grams? _____


What weighs 100 grams - Answers - The Most Trusted Place ...

Example of what weighs 100 grams? A medium apple has a weight of approximately 100 grams. another example of 100 grams is a stack of about 40 pennies. Edit.

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100 gram object - Cannabis - The world marijuana site

Does anyone know of an object that weighs 100 grams? Share. Share this ... yeah man.. 20 nickels is 100 grams. And this is exactly why I posted those coin ...

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what weighs 100g? - General - Grasscity Forums - Marijuana ...

... posted in General: i'm trying to recalibrate my digital scale and i need a 100 gram weight. it didn't come with one, ... what weighs 100g?

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what weighs 500 grams exactly? | Yahoo Answers

two and a half nickel rolls should weigh 500 grams (100 nickels). Each nickel is 5.0000 (thousandths) grams, so 20 nickels would be 100 grams, 50 nickels ...


AnswerParty | What small object weighs 100 grams exactly?

What small object weighs 100 grams exactly? | 20 nickels would equal 100 grams since one nickel is 5 grams. Thanks for asking AnswerParty!


What weighs exactly 200 grams ? | Rollitup

My scale needs to be recalibrated. Problem is I need a 200 gram wieght. The store near my house doesn't have them (They should. They sold me the damn...

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What the hell just happened?!: Ever wonder what weighs 100 ...

Nov 28, 2007 · Justhelping said... I found 3 household items that were exactly 100 grams and recalibrated my scale. The second that I sat the items on there it went ...


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